Ranger Raptor

The All-New Ranger Raptor. Built from the ground up to for off-road performance and to dominate every environment. And it’s like no other.

The All-New Ford Ranger Raptor welds off-road capability with the Ford Performance DNA that runs through the GT and Focus RS.

A bi-turbo version of the Ford 2.0-litre EcoBlue Diesel engine was specially crafted and then paired with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox. The result: an unparalleled driving experience.

This is no ordinary pickup. Packed with advanced technologies and smart systems to deliver a driving experience like no other.

The legendary suspension system created by Fox Racing come as standard on the Raptor. Designed, crafted and tuned to take harsh impacts and smooth out the bumps.

When driving off-road, every terrain requires a different approach. To help you make the most of the Raptor’s capabilities, a Terrain Management System enables you to fundamentally adjust the vehicle’s acceleration, traction control, steering sensitivity, gear change behaviour and more. Choose from six different modes to maximise performance in all conditions: Normal mode, Sport mode, Grass, Gravel and Snow mode, Mud and Sand mode, Rock mode, and for unbeatable off-road performance, Baja mode.

The unique Ranger Raptor ladder frame chassis was reengineered and strengthened with High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel to meet the tough demands of off-road performance driving. Tested extensively in some of the world’s harshest environments, the Ranger Raptor chassis delivers maximum toughness and high-spec performance.

Off-road obstacles are no obstacle for the Raptor. An elevated design puts 283 mm between the pick-up and whatever gets in your way.

33-inch all-terrain tyres come as standard, boasting a precise tread pattern, longer tread life, and tougher side walls than standard factory tyres.

The Raptor goes where lesser vehicles may fear to tread. In fact, with a wading depth of 850 mm it will prove itself both on dry land and through water.

The chassis, engine, suspension and wheels of the Ford Ranger Raptor parked on display.
The Fox Racing suspension of the Ranger Raptor parked on display
The Ford Ranger Raptor driving on a sand dune kicking up sand with its tires
A Ford Ranger Raptor climbing a dirt peak exposing the underneath of the car and it suspension
33 inch all terrain tiers and dark grey wheels on the Ranger Raptor.